The National Museum of Art, Osaka


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Museum Facility

Coin Lockers (B1st floor)

Please store large bags in a coin locker (large lockers are also available). The 100-yen deposit will be returned after use.
If your bag does not fit inside a locker, you are welcome to leave it at the information desk on the B1st floor. Please note that it must be reclaimed on the day of your visit. We also ask that you bring your valuables with you rather than leaving them in the locker.


・Photographs are permitted in the 1st-floor entrance lobby and the public area on the B1st floor.

・In principle, photographs are also permitted in the collection exhibition. However, due to copyright restrictions, some artworks cannot be photographed. For more information, please inquire at the exhibition entrance.

・Photographs at special exhibitions are permitted in some but not all cases. For more information, please inquire at the exhibition entrance.

・Please refrain from shooting videos, and using a flash, tripod or selfie stick.

・The photos that you take cannot be used for commercial purposes. In addition, the images must not be altered in any way.

・Please be aware that the way you use your photographs may violate copyright laws.

・Please be careful not to include other viewers in your photos as this may infringe on their privacy rights.

・You alone are responsible for the photos you take and the way that you use them. The museum assumes no responsibility.

・Using pictures artworks on the museum website is prohibited.

General Rules

  • Drawing or otherwise reproducing artworks is prohibited.
  • The use of ink-based writing utensils (including fountain pens, brushes, and ballpoint pens), colored pencils, mechanical pencils, and erasers is prohibited. Only pencils are permitted.
  • Please refrain from eating (including candy and chewing gum) and drinking in the exhibitions.
  • Please refrain from using your cell phone, as it may disturb other viewers. Please turn off your phone or change it to silent mode before entering the exhibitions.
  • Please do not run inside the building.
  • Please refrain from touching displays, display cases, and display walls.
  • Please refrain from speaking in a loud voice or making noise with your footwear, as it might disturb other viewers.
  • In some cases, the staff may ask you to follow certain rules in order to protect the artworks or ensure a comfortable viewing environment.
  • The temperature, humidity, and lighting inside the exhibitions is adjusted to protect the artworks. In some cases, the room may feel cold, so we recommend that you wear clothing that will help you regulate your body temperature.