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NMAO School Programs

Programs for Group Viewing (Gallery Talks, Orientations, etc.)


The approach used in these programs depends on the number of intended visits to the museum, the objective, the length of time, the number of children participating, their age, interests, and the conditions of their class. Along with self-guided tours, whenever possible orientations are held to encourage a more active viewing experience and efforts are made to conduct gallery talks for small groups. The staff also offers advice on making original worksheets.

Meeting about learning through art appreciation


We organized review meeting and changed its name to Meeting about learning through art appreciation from Meeting for Teachers, which had begun in 2011. Participants such as teachers and other faculty members of elementary, junior high, and high schools, and special schools for the disabled discuss about appreciation activities not only at museum but also at school. We think about the appreciation education and examine its practical plan through viewing the exhibition and having a group work.

Lectures for Teachers


In order to strengthen the relationship between schools and the museum and promote greater understanding of our activities, we periodically fulfill requests to hold lectures for teachers.

Art Card Sets


Teachers are free to borrow a set of art cards that were created by the National Museum. The works on the cards include 13 selections from each of the following facilities: the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo (main facility and crafts gallery); National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto; National Museum of Western Art; and the National Museum of Art, Osaka.

Individual Programs

Art for Small Children: Art Appreciation with a Picture Book


This tour, designed for preschool infants and their guardians, combined the introduction of a picture book with art appreciation. To encourage more dialogue while looking at the artworks, a picture book was presented as a means of making links with the art in the introductory portion of the program.

Children’s Art Tour


Through a dialogue with the museum staff and other participants, this hour-long tour offered children an opportunity to become familiar with art by looking closely at two or three works. This program was designed to give children the confidence to view and enjoy art by exchanging and sharing their views with others.

Children’s Art Tour Special


These simple creative programs, an extension of “Children’s Art Tour,” were designed to give children a chance to think back on what they had seen in the museum and share some time with their parents.



With contemporary artists, researchers in art education, designers, and the museum staff as a teacher, our creative, hands-on, and thought-provoking workshops primarily target elementary and junior-high students. By directly exposing participants to contemporary art and museum activities, these programs are designed to foster a multifaceted perspective of art. In principle, the workshops are based on the appreciation of the works currently on display.

Printed Materials

Activity Book


This book-style auxiliary tool was designed to provide school-age children with ideas for activities related to the works they saw in the museum.