Collection 2

July 30(Sat.) - October 10(Mon., Holiday), 2005

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1. Surrealism and Modern Art
Along with a sampling of Surrealist art, including paintings by Max Ernst, are objects by Marcel Duchamp, and photographs by Man Ray, in this section we present notable works of modern art like Pablo Picasso's famous early work "Comédien et enfant," Paul Cézanne's "La preparation du banquet," Wassily Kandinsky's "Bild im Bild".

2. Post-War Realism
At the time British and American Pop Art, and French Nouveau Realism were emerging in the 1960s, these movements, which made use of everyday objects and readymade images, were known collectively as "New Realism." This exhibition includes representative works such as Roy Lichtenstein's comic-strip print "Sweet Dreams, Baby!," Jean Tinguely's assemblage of discarded machine parts called "Grasshopper," and a painted refrigerator by Bertrand Lavier.

3. Geometric Abstractions
This group of works consists of variety of geometric abstractions. Among these are a work by Frank Stella in which a series of ordered rectangles creates a sense of depth and expanse, an early painting by Daniel Buren, known for his installations using vertical stripes, a series of prints producing visual illusions by Victor Vasarely, and Ute Linder's "Belichtungszeiten," in which a burnt piece of felt that was bleached in the light for a long period of time suggests the appearance of an abstract painting.

4. Support / Surface
Support/Surface was a French art movement that emerged in the late 1960s. As the name suggests, the group attempted to thoroughly reexamine artistic materials and methods of expression in its search for new production elements This section includes a painting by Claude Viallat that was executed on a piece of unstretched linen, a Christian Jaccard's painting made with a press on cloth, and works by Louis Cane and Jean-Pierre Pincemin.

5. Contemporary Sculpture
This exhibition includes "Untitled (fondly to Margo)," a work by Dan Flavin in which the display space is bathed in fluorescent light, a huge dice-shaped sculpture by the English artist Tony Cragg, Ilya Kabakov's depiction of an encounter with an angel, and a glass work by Kiki Smith in which light imbues dew drops with rainbows.

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