WHITE Tadaaki Kuwayama Osaka Project

June 18 (Sat.)–September 19 (Mon., Holiday), 2011

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We are honored to present the "White: Osaka Project," a work conceived by Kuwayama Tadaaki specifically for the National Museum of Art, Osaka.
After relocating to the U.S. in 1958, Kuwayama, who has been based in New York ever since, has consistently explored radical forms of contemporary artistic expression. In his early work, characterized by flat, monochromatic fields of color, Kuwayama fused inorganic materiality with the presence of a solid entity to transcend existing notions of painting.
The "White: Osaka Project" can be seen as an extension of the project, but in as much as Kuwayama makes use of a single color, and paper and wood rather than the metallic materials that have been a mark of his other recent installations, the work stands as a significant departure. It is our hope that you will be able to experience this mysterious place, realized by adapting the museum space to the artist's work with a previously unseen sense of boldness.

  • Organized by The National Museum of Art, Osaka
  • Sponsored by Daikin Foundation for Contemporary Arts
  • In Cooperation with Gallery Yamaguchi


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Tadaaki Kuwayama, White tape
2010, © Tadaaki Kuwayama

Daisuke Nakayama(Nakayama Architects)


Opening Hours

10:00–17:00, Fridays until 19:00
Admission until 30 minutes before closing


(Except for July 18(Mon.), September 19(Mon.),2011, July 19(Tue.) instead)

Admission Fee

Adults : 420 Yen (210 Yen)
University students : 130 Yen (70 Yen)

  • * Including "Collection"
  • * ( ) Figures in parentheses indicate discount fees for groups of 20 or more
  • * Children (up to High school students), disabled people with one attendant: Free
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