Still/Motion: Liquid Crystal Painting

April 29(Tue., Holiday) - June 15(Sun.), 2008

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Video technology has without question exerted a strong influence on visual culture. The video art movement that emerged in the 1960s, with pioneers such as Nam June Paik, for example, explored possibilities that would have been unthinkable with film using a variety of experimental techniques exclusive to the new medium.
In recent years, the flat-screen display, which has rapidly evolved technically, seems to be opening a new chapter in video art. This exhibition, using primarily state-of-the-art, liquid-crystal displays, will provide a group of artists with their first opportunity to take advantage of the new technology to create highly attractive visual expressions.
The reason we have gone out of our way to use a word like "painting," which makes reference to a traditional genre, in the title of this experimental project is connected to the fact that as new technology has led to the innovation of new expressions, the boundaries that once existed between painting and video as spatial and temporal art forms have blurred. Further, a world of possibilities has also emerged through the modification of traditional genre-based concepts.
Viewers are now presented with a unique realm that exists as a hybrid between spatial and temporal art in which time intervenes in a painting and the quality of a painted work is applied to a video. And the experimental works in this exhibition will provide visitors with experiences unlike any they have ever had.
The concept of the exhibition extends beyond simply using a display mechanism as a means of expression, yet its success is wholly dependent on the keen sensibilities of each of the artists. Moreover, the exhibition venue will act as a point of departure for viewers to explore previously unknown worlds.


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Bill Viola The Reflecting Pool 1977-79
160×214cm SD, sound Projection 7 minutes
Artist’s collection Photo: Kira Perov ©Bill Viola

Miroslaw Balka BlueGasEyes 2004
2×(170×126×10cm) Steel, salt, SD, sound Two projections
3 minutes 37 seconds Artist’s collection
©Miroslaw Balka, courtesy of Gladstone Gallery, NY

Sam Taylor-Wood Pieta 2001
35mm movie film/SD Projection 1 minute 57 seconds
Artist’s collection ©Sam Taylor-Wood, courtesy of White Cube

Julian Opie Woman with Evening Dress 2005
97×61×13cm 40 inch LCD screen, computer The National Museum of Art, Osaka
©ulian Opie and SCAI the Bathhouse, Tokyo

Brian Eno Mistaken Memories of Medieval Manhattan
1980/81 SD, sound Two 65 inch LCD screens
47 minutes Artist's collection ©Brian Eno

Dominik Lejman Yo Lo Vi 2006 180×180cm
Acrylic on canvas, SD, spy camera delay
Two projections (DVD, spy camera with time delay device) 25 minutes
Artist’s collection (time delay device: Atlas Sztuki)
©Dominik Lejman, courtesy of Luxe Gallery, NY

Yang Fudong East of Que Village 2007
HD/SD, 6 screens, video installation, sound Six 65 inch LCD screens 20 minutes 50 seconds each Artist’s collection
©Yang Fudong, courtesy of the artist/Marian Goodman Gallery/Shanghart Gallery

Kojima Chiyuki RhythmiCalm -Land of Sand 2007
SD Projection 11 minutes 32 seconds Artist’s collection
Sound: Yasaka Kenji ©Kojima Chiyuki

Takano Ryudai Para-Para (Electric Riffle) 2002/2008
(Upper Body) 2002/2008 35mm still film/HD, 2 screens
Two 65 inch LCD screens 5-10 minutes
Artist’s collection ©Takano Ryudai, courtesy of Zeit-Foto
Salon, Yumiko Chiba Associates

Morimura Yasumasa Vermeer Study: Looking Back (Painting)
2008 168.8×106.4cm 65 inch LCD screen, HD/HD
65 inch LCD screen 4 minutes 12 seconds
Artist’s collection Film and Edit: Kishimoto Yasushi
Costume: CENTER EAST (Nakahigashi Yuko)
Drawing: Koike Katsuyuki
Production assistance: Fuma Akira,Omura Kunio, Yoshida Keiko ©Morimura Yasumasa, courtesy of MEM

Eve Sussman Fergus Lifted 2006
HD/HD 65 inch LCD screen 20 minutes Artist’s collection
©Eve Sussman/Rufus Corporation, courtesy of the artist/Roebling Hall, NY.

220×716×120cm (including stage) HD/HD, 8 screens, sound
Eight 65 inch LCD screens 2 minutes
Artist’s collection ©Senju Hiroshi

QIU Anxiong The New Book of Mountains and Seas, part 2 2007
SD, 3 multi-screens, sound Three projections, computer 29 minutes 14 seconds
Artist’s collection music: Ou Bo ©Qiu Anxiong

Yanagi Miwa Fortunetelling 2005
HD/HD Three 65 LCD inch screens 14 minutes 28 seconds
Artist’s collection ©Yanagi Miwa


Opening Hours

10:00−17:00, Fridays until 19:00
Admission until 30 minutes before closing


Mondays (Except for Monday, May 5)

Admission Fee

Adults : 900 Yen (700Yen)
University students : 700 Yen (500 Yen)

  • * ( ) Figures in parentheses indicate discount fees for groups of 20 or more
  • * High school student and under : Free
  • * Senior citizens over 65 : Free
  • * Those with physical or mental disabilities and their attendants : Free
  • * Including Permanent Collection
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