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Collection 3:Art from the 1960s to the Present

September 29(Sat.) - December 2(Sun.), 2007

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In this exhibition, we present works from the museum collection in three loose grouping titled "Air of an Era," "World Beyond Time," and "Spaces for Display".

"Air of an Era"
1. Art from the 1960s
2. Art from the 1970s
3. Art from the 1980s
4. Art since the 1990s

In this section, we take a look back at art from each decade since 1960.
The 60s, 70s 80s, and the 90s to the present - this exhibition is structured to reflect the "air of each era," beginning with the period of economic high-speed growth in Japan to the present.
The exhibition was organized with the following concepts in mind:
a) The works were selected to reflect the distinctive visual character of each period.
b) Works from a variety of genres have been mixed together; and a special effort has been made to consider the fundamental styles of each period.
c) By interweaving works by both foreign and Japanese artists, a wider perspective has been adopted to reach a better understanding of each period.

"World Beyond Time"
5. On the Interior World
6. On the Natural World
In contrast to the display above, this exhibition comprises a variety of works from different eras.
In the first section, we introduce works born out of an individual vision, while in second, we concentrate on the scientific aspects of nature - both eternal themes in art. Together, all of the works offer a glimpse of a world that supersedes any specific time frame.

"Spaces for Display"
7. Enlivening Spaces
8. In the Lobby
Unlike the exhibition space for themes 1 through 6, the unconstrained space situated near the escalator on the B2 floor and the lobby on the B1 floor is far from a traditional display environment. Without making a conscious effort to link the works chronologically or thematically, each piece has been selected according to its suitability to the space. To further enliven the works, we have readjusted the display walls.

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