Essential Painting

October 3(Tue.) - December 24(Sun.), 2006

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The 1990s were a decade of great changes in the history of art. For example, there was a reexamination of the American-led aesthetic view which had dominated the art world since WW2. As globalisation reached cities all over the world, the arts environment changed dramatically. And with the maturation of digital technology, many artists began to use projected images in their work. A number of factors came together such that art from 1990 onwards acquired a new creative freedom to produce original work from first principles.

In the field of painting, which has the longest history of all the visual arts and continues to excite the most interest, European and American artists attracted attention for the innovative paintings they produced in the 1990s. Their work, which assimilated painting of the past and combined it with a contemporary beauty and significance, are rich in individuality and certainly not based on a single artistic vision. Yet all of them are rooted in a modern sensibility and modern value systems, whilst free from an obsessive pursuit of the avant-garde. Another notable characteristic of the majority of these paintings is a fresh figurative idiom. European and American painters from 1990 onwards invite us to return to the essential pleasure of looking at painting.
The current exhibition focuses on the international arena from 1990 to the present day, introducing a selection of cutting edge European and North-American painters. Many of these artists are being exhibited in Japan for the very first time, providing us with an excellent opportunity to get to know painters of this globalised era.
Mamma Andersson (Sweden 1962-), Cecily Brown (U.K. 1969-), John Currin (U.S. 1962-), Peter Doig (U.K. 1959-), Marlene Dumas (Holland 1953-), Bernard Frize (France 1954-), Alex Katz (U.S. 1927-), Michel Majerus (Germany 1967-2002), Laura Owens (U.S. 1970-), Elizabeth Peyton (U.S. 1965-), Neo Rauch (Germany 1960-), Wilhelm Sasnal (Poland 1972-), Luc Tuymans (Belgium 1958-)


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Alex Katz Four Women 2005
Oil on Linen Courtesy Gallería Javier López, Madrid

Neo Rauch Grotte 2004
250×210 cm Oil on canvas
Courtesy Galeri EIGEN+ART Leipzig/Berlin & David Zwirner, New York

Luc Tuymans Parade 2004
129.5×180.5cm Oil on canvas
Courtesy Zeno X Gallery Antwerp

Laura Owens Untitled 2003
213×244cm Acrylic and oil on canvas
Courtesy of The Artist and Gavin Brown's Enterprise

Mamma Andersson Rooms Under the Influence 2006
180×244cm Acrylic and oil on panel

Michel Majerus
Space invaders 3 2002
300×250cm Acrylic and silkscreen on canvas
© Estate Michel Majerus, Courtesy Neugerriemschneider, Berlin 2002

Cecily Brown Untitled(#11) 2006
43.2×31.8cm Oil on linen
Photograph by Robert Mckeever

Wilhelm Sasnal Piotrek 2005
30×24cm Oil on canvas Photo: Peter Cox

Peter Doig The Heart of Old San Juan 1999
250×195.5cm Oil on canvas
Courtesy of The Artist and Gavin Brown's Enterprise

John Currin Sno-bo 1999
121.9×81.2cm Oil on canvas
Courtesy Gagosian Gallery and Copyright John Currin

Marlene Dumas Pregnant Image 1988-90
200×100cm Oil on canvas Photo: Erma Estwick


Opening Hours

10:00–17:00, Fridays until 19:00
Admission until 30 minutes before closing


Mondays (Except for Monday, October 9, closed October 10 instead)

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Adults: 830 Yen / University students: 450 Yen / High school students: 250 Yen
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Adults: 560 Yen / University students: 250 Yen / High school students: 130 Yen

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