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Collection 2

February 5(Sat.) - April 17(Sun.), 2005

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1. Contemporary Photography
Among the works on exhibit in the section is a landscape photograph taken in Switzerland by one of today's representative French artists, Jean-Marc Bustamante. In addition, there are objective, black-and-white photographs of Bernd and Hilla Becher, leaders in post-war German photography and the work of three of their students: Thomas Struth's huge photograph depicts clouds of people in Shibuya, while Thomas Ruff's large-format portrait photograph shows the artist's acquaintances with neutral expressions on their faces, and Candida Höfer's photographs focus on the same Rodin sculpture ("The Burgers of Calais") in a variety of locations. Also on display are two works from the Japanese photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto's recent series of wax figures; Naoya Hatakeyama's series of photographs depicting limestone mines; works by the young Brazilian artist Vik Muniz, who has received much attention for his photographs of small dolls and dirt that he arranges to make figurative images; and one work by the German photographer Thomas Demand, who depicts life-sized models made out of paper.

2. Picasso and Early 20th-Century Art
This showcase of works by modern masters includes Pablo Picasso's famous early painting "Comédien et enfant" and a rare landscape from his Cubist period called "Paysage aux affiches." Also on display are Paul Cézanne's work, "La preparation du banquet," consisting of a still life and Surrealist Max Ernst's work, visitors will have a chance to enter the world in one of Joseph Cornell's small boxes.

3. Contemporary European Painting
Among today's representative German painters is Gerhard Richter, who creates a sense of profound depth in his work by layering paint on the canvas. Along with his work, visitors will have a chance to see an early work by Georg Baselitz, whose painting are organized around upside-down renderings of people as well as a work by Anselm Kiefer, whose painting have a singular presence due to their large size and wall-like surface texture, Jörg Immendorff, whose theme has shifted from social to more personal concerns, and finally, Enzo Cucchi, one of the most notable Italian painters of 1980s.

4. Modern Sculpture
This section of exhibition includes objective sculptures of the human form the Russian artist Ossip Zadkine, and the Italian astists Marino Marini, Giacomo Manzú and Cecco Bonanotte. And along with abstract works by the Swiss artist Jean Arp and the American Isamu Noguchi, there use of white tiles; and a bronze work by the English artist Tony Cragg which was inspired by petri dishes.

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